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Is Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition SF Worth To Go? Here Is The Answer

Remember I had mentioned about the Immersiver Van Gogh Exhibition SF in the previous post. I went to the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition with my friend on July 19 and to be honest, I was a little bit disappointed. 

View from the corner next to the entrance

After we went up stair and went through a path, we entered the exhibition room. I expected I will be shocked by how flawless and amazing it is, but I am not. It is not a very big room with a stage in the middle which blocked some of the view while people only able to sit on the ground, not walking around. I saw pictures of the exhibition on othe locations, it had layouts of cloumns and had better setup.

Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition in Columbus

It is a 35 mintues animed projection of Van Gogh’s works. In my opinion, the transcations between each art work are too shoot. It is very difficult to observe each pieces closely, unless you still there watch the video again and again.

Beinning of the exihibition

Although they have sections of enter time, they don’t limit your staying time. If you want to, you can still until they close and prices are the same. Therefore, no matter what time you go, there are still lot of people in the room and it is hard to find a sopt because they ask you to still in the circle in the ground.

“Sunflower” by Van Gogh

Overall, it is a special experience. But if I have to pay $55 for a ticket, I rather save it and watch two movies in the theater. When I paid the $55, I expected a very well prepared and exquisite show. But everything there is very simple and curde which made me feel like they only have a week to setup the place. It only worth $25 a ticket in my opinion.

Self Portrait of Van Gogh

If you are looking to have some good pictures that I have said in the previous post, then you better shut you mind. It is hard to take pictures in a dark room and with thoes crude setup. If you are not a big fan of Van Gogh and you have some extra money then you better stay home which some movie.


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