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About Me

Hello! I am Kelly Deng, so glad to see you here. The first chapter of my art journal would be about me. I grew up in Hong Kong, a very crowded and small city. Living in a simple and crude public rental house provided by the government. My mom had to leave our house and go to work at around 7a.m. every morning and come home at midnight. Therefore, I take care of myself most of the time. I was an introverted kid who had no friends. Since I don’t talk (I had no one to talk to), drawing became the only way to express myself and feel accomplished. When I was 12, I moved to California where I started to make friends and became vivacious. I still love drawing! When it came to college, I chose art as my ambition because people say, “make the thing you have spent most time on to be your job”. I was Illustration major because of my love of anime. However, after I had taken a still life painting class, I immediately fell in love with oil painting. I felt like that is where I can express my talent. I changed my major to Fine Art and I don’t regret it. Even though I am a very lazy person who don’t draw everyday but when I sit there, get my fingers on the canvas, I can paint all day long!

Nice to meet you!