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Artist Tool Links

  • Are you always struggling for figures references? Pinterest is a resources website art students are most familiar with. It is an image sharing website designed to share ideas and get inspiration. You can find lots of things there, explore now Pinterest.
  • Looking for some nude figurative references? Artmodeltips is where you are looking for. They provided hundreds of examples of poses of nude models in different genders, age, and body type. They poses in standing, sitting, actions, and even mid-air. No matter what you want, they have everything and it is a free website.  See more artmodeltips.
  • Want some outside school courses? Proko provides hundreds of free lessons and low-priced courses. They included courses on fundamental, digital, paintings, comic drawing, and etc. You take the courses, finish the assignments, and have a peer review. Learn more Proko.
  • New Master Academy allows artists to find references and video lessons that help them create their masterpiece. They require a $35 subscription per month to unlock a free enter on everything on the website which is pretty affordable and worthy. Start now New Master Academy


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