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5 Things That Cause Art Student Headache During This Pandemic challenges

You must have heard that the tuition for art school is expensive. No, I am here to tell you there is much more you have to pay. Art supplies are something that we can not live without. They are expensive and require a lot of replacement. During this pandemic, most people are suffering from loss of daily income. Students are losing auxiliary revenue from their part time job. However, the tuition is never reduced and even increases every semester.

2. Class Quality Being Reduced

As All classes are moving online, class qualities are getting reduced. Art Class always requires a lot of in-person training and practice, however, online classes moved everything on camera. Things that we can do are very limited. Even forgive all the technique problems, the low resolution really takes a big part away from the teacher’s demo.

3. Lack of Resources

Reference is the most important thing for an artist and the best reference is from live. However, during this pandemic we are not able to have any live reference. Only way we can find references is from online. 

4. Land Issue

Since we are asked to pack everything home, tons and tons of our supplies and work are taken home. My home now is packed with boxes of canvas and sculptures, piles of drawing paper. Same for all of my friends, they all have to figure out where to put their stuff. Some of my friends are fashion majors and they have to walk through rolls of fabric everyday. 

5. Workplace Issue

Now we have to make our home a studio which I get a lot of complaints from my family. Those who live alone might not have this problem. As a fine art student, I have a lot of painting to do and some sculpture which could create a mess. The rug in my room is covered by paint after the first week of quarantine. My mom even asked if she can trash some of the paintings and sculptures that I place under the window. 

6. Limited classes

For a lot of art students, especially sculpture majors and fine art students, classes are very limited. Not just because we are unable to have a live model that is included in the class tuition but also because most of the required resources we need are only available at campus. Such as the oven for baking sculpture, silkscreen printmaking machine. Lack of resources are pushing us away from selecting classes.


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